New Features in the G-Mobility App

GUARDIAN Mobile Work Order Overview
September 9, 2020

The G-Mobility app for mobile work order processing just keeps getting better! We are pleased to announce that the latest version of the app contains new features that will make processing your work orders even easier.

The first is a Work Timer. This is a timer that you can start when you begin working on a work order that is assigned to you. Once started, the app will keep the timer going until you tap the Stop Timer button. This will then allow you to apply the accumulated time to the job you are working on AND create the timecard entry for you! You can also edit the entry to adjust the start/end times if required.

The second new feature is an enhanced Asset/Equipment search. You can still navigate the asset hierarchy as before, but now you can also search for an asset using a full text search feature for even more flexibility.

You can check out a short video on how to use the Work Timer in the Tutorials section of the website.